Office Depot’s Green Tips

I was reading over at TreeHugger about the work Office Depot is doing to encourage people to be more green. I’d noticed the campaign before, but hadn’t looked at it much. I buy office supplies so rarely.

They have a pretty good guide for buying green on their site, as well as other information for those wanting to consider the environment as they shop.

No matter where you do your shopping, having an idea as to how to keep it greener is nice. So much comes down to simply recycling and using recycled items, along with knowing how much you really need to buy.

At this time of year, I’m more interested in how to green my school supply shopping than anything else. In some ways that’s similar to how you shop for an office, especially as the kids get older. My daughter is entering kindergarten, however, so there aren’t too many similarities yet. She just has so few needs.

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