Greener and Greener with Yahoo!

yahoo green plan

I love seeing companies make an effort towards going green. Yahoo has been impressing me lately, starting with their commitment towards being carbon neutral, and now their new Yahoo! Green site.

The new site emphasizes how easy it is to go green just a little bit. They aren’t asking for huge things right away. They have a walk through of a green home to give you ideas as to how you can save energy at home. They encourage people to make a plan to commit to using less energy.
Some things are easy for me – I work at home, so I drive a lot less than other people do. Recycling is easy in my area, as we have the single container system – no sorting!

But other things are hard or impossible, as we rent our home. Can’t do home improvements if you don’t own the place, but believe me, if we owned this place there would be some changes, most especially in my son’s room, which is by far the hottest in summer and coldest in winter.

If you take their green pledge, your efforts go toward a competition for the “greenest city,” which will receive a fleet of hybrid taxis. You also get credits for what you do, and a free compact fluorescent bulb. You get one for completing an activity and you can get more for every 500 credits you earn by doing other activities on their site.

All in all, it’s a great way to encourage people to think about the small ways they can go green. It really doesn’t have to involve spending tons of money.

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