Greener Cleaning Supplies

Finding environmentally friendly cleaning supplies has become much easier of late. Brands such as Method and Seventh Generation are available in many areas, and sometimes even in big box stores like Target. It’s pretty nice.

cleaning supplies

Method’s products are pretty nice. I use their wood floor cleaner and it does a good job. And like their other products, it’s biodegradable and non-toxic. The packaging is nice and simple, and the products are affordable. Very nice for a stay at home mom’s budget.

I haven’t yet tried Seventh Generation’s products, although I’ve spotted them in my area. Heard plenty of wonderful things about them. I fully intend to give them a try one of these days, though.

There are two main reasons why I haven’t used a lot of these products. Number one is simply that I haven’t run out of my old, nasty chemical cleaners. Much as I dislike them, I can’t see just throwing them away too. So when I need a little extra cleaning power I drag them out.

My supply of those is slowly running down. We had a lot because when we moved here a bit over two years ago we had two different people give us very complete housecleaning kits.

But my main cleaning supplies are baking soda and vinegar. I do a lot with these. My husband thinks I’m kind of nuts, but he at least did understand when I pointed out that the large bottles of vinegar at the grocery store were just a tiny bit more than the regular size bottles. He struggles with the green side of things, but tell him I’m saving money and he’s fine.

For laundry I have my eye on Bi-O-Kleen. It would mean retraining my husband on the quantity required, since it takes about 2 tablespoons for top loading washing machines, but that also means a smaller box does a whole lotta laundry. Since my son is going through one of those “leak through the diapers each and every night” phases, a greener laundry detergent would me most welcome.

All in all, I’m enjoying my steady switch over to greener cleaning. It takes some time, but I like my combination of using environmentally friendly cleaners now and eventually using up the chemicals rather than just throwing them out.