Here Comes Nanosolar!

This is just delightful. I read today that Nanosolar is shipping its first panels. They’re going to Germany, but no matter who is getting them, that more affordable panels are being produced is great news.

The really great news is that their thin-film solar panels are expected to cost as little as $0.99/watt. That’s just amazing.

These panels are flexible, so they can be installed in more places. They deliver 5 times the current of any other thin film solar panel.

I find it very hopeful that at last a lower cost solar panel solution is really being produced and shipped. That’s a step people have been watching for for all too many years. This is the kind of thing needed to make solar power a practical alternative energy source.

With any luck we’ll see more companies coming out with great products like this. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s very much needed.

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