Grocery Stores and Organic Food

CNN has an interesting story up right now on America’s healthiest grocery stores. As they say, some stores on the list you’d expect to see, but others are quite surprising.

Whole Foods is #1 one on the list, which should surprise no one. They’re not a store I go to often, as they are about a half hour to 45 minute drive away. However, Henry’s is local to me and now owned by Whole Foods. They’re a lot smaller at each location, but a similar kind of store with local, organic and conventionally grown produce.

Many of the stores are relatively regional, so you won’t find the entire list in your area. Others are ones you wouldn’t expect to find on this kind of list, such as Safeway. They’re a big company, and may have different names in other areas. I don’t know how the different names impact what they do with organic and other healthy produce.

This list really shows just how mainstream the availability of organic produce has become. You’ll still pay a premium for organic produce, as a rule, but you can find it just about anywhere.

You have a lot of options beyond grocery stores in many areas. Local Harvest is a great place to look for food coops and CSAs in your area.