Halloween is HOW Close?

I’ve been having fun reading on a lot of blog posts about Halloween. Everyone has an opinion. Of course a lot of green bloggers talk about options to make Halloween greener, including the treats.

I have to admit that the Halloween candy is not one area where I’ve concerned myself with whether or not it’s green enough. Organic candies frankly are generally out of my price range for handing out, and I haven’t really seen any locally that would be good for trick or treaters, so I got the usual selection.

I think the biggest challenge to offering anything other than candy, as many suggest, is finding something that appeals to boys and girls, toddlers, elementary school age kids and older kids still wandering the neighborhood trick or treating. It takes a pretty good range of stuff, and non-candy treats often cost more. Just doesn’t really work on my budget.

But I am having fun creating my son’s costume. The fires slowed me down quite a bit, as I spent several days watching the news too intently to even think of grabbing the costume to keep my hands busy. So I’m a little behind but I hope to catch up tonight. I’m hoping to finish my creation of the spikes for his dragon costume. Might even get my husband to rebend the butterfly wings into dragon wings and lightly repaint them. With the paint and all, making it at home is probably not all that green, but it sure is fun and there’s something to be said for the expression of creativity over buying off the rack.

But I do intend to have my kids reuse old buckets or use a pillowcase or other bag we have around the house for trick or treating. The pillowcase is all I ever used and it works really well. Lots of room for candy. I think we even have some smaller cloth bags the kids can use so they don’t have to worry about tripping over them.

Halloween is definitely one of those holidays where I struggle with green. It’s a little tricky to do well at times like this, although I do make sure that decorations and costumes are things that can be reused. Good thing my kids love playing dressup.

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