I Gave in on My Daughter’s Halloween Costume

Sometimes you just run out of options, and so for the first time my daughter’s Halloween costume was bought from a store.

She wanted to be Cinderella this year. I’m sure it would be possible to get a pattern for it and sew one at home, but I’m not so sure that my sewing skills are up to that level. Couldn’t find one at the local thrift shops either. I was hoping I could at least go used rather than new, after all.

I even tried to talk her into a “Cinderella in rags” costume since that would allow for a bit more creativity. No go. So we have the basic, store-bought Cinderella dress.

My son is even more challenging. He wants to be a blue dragon. Yes, we have finally come up with a costume idea he likes. My husband has made wings before, so that won’t be too impossible. I can even stitch together a very basic tail. And of course there aren’t any such costumes that we can find to buy anywhere.

I guess I will have to pull out the sewing machine I recently inherited from my Grandma. At least that means it will go faster than my previous, handsewn Halloween costume tidbits. There’s a reason why I always kept them simple in the past.

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  1. […] But I am having fun creating my son’s costume. The fires slowed me down quite a bit, as I spent several days watching the news too intently to even think of grabbing the costume to keep my hands busy. So I’m a little behind but I hope to catch up tonight. I’m hoping to finish my creation of the spikes for his dragon costume. Might even get my husband to rebend the butterfly wings into dragon wings and lightly repaint them. With the paint and all, making it at home is probably not all that green, but it sure is fun and there’s something to be said for the expression of creativity over buying off the rack. But I do intend to have my kids reuse old buckets or use a pillowcase or other bag we have around the house for trick or treating. The pillowcase is all I ever used and it works really well. Lots of room for candy. I think we even have some smaller cloth bags the kids can use so they don’t have to worry about tripping over them. […]

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