My Big Green Goal for 2009 – Greening Baby

I can’t believe I’m nearly 8 months pregnant. Where does the time go?

In terms of being green, there are a lot of things I like to do. But in 2009, my focus is pretty much going to be on greening my baby experience.

Some of it will be pretty easy. I already have the minimal driving habit, although we are going to need a second vehicle. Our current car won’t hold the entire family after the baby comes, and with all the doctor appointments babies need, calling on family for a ride just won’t cut it. It would be necessary too often.

But we are looking used, and fuel efficiency is a big consideration along with budget.

Clothes and many other supplies aren’t a big issue. We have tons of handmedowns coming. We still own our original cradle and crib.

A king size pillowcase makes for a wonderful sheet for a cradle mattress. They’re the perfect size. Just a little trick my mother taught me that saves trying to buy cradle sheets. Crib sheets, on the other hand, may need to be purchased, although I think we still have some in decent condition.

I still have to actually buy my cloth diapers. Time to just buckle down and get the research done so I can finalize my decision.

Then the fun part of explaining them to my mother-in-law. Oh, probably my side of the family too, but I know who tends to be the most vocal about when I do something out of the expected. But cloth diapers really aren’t what they were when she had kids, and I expect that by the time baby is 6 months to a year old, she’ll get it.

At least, that’s how long it took for her to quit complaining about me breastfeeding my first. She does understand the benefits now, though, and is a huge proponent of it. Just took a while.

We’re also looking at making baby food at home. We already own a VitaMix, although I will have to teach my husband to clean it really well. He’s rather trusting of a quick rinse on too many things. Soap and hot water, dear, especially when cleaning something to make it safe for making baby food! Better safe than really, really sorry.

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