The Beauty of the Season

What can I say? I don’t expect to post much this week.

Time instead to enjoy the beauty of the season, whether or not you celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the snow if you have it. Enjoy your favorite hot beverage… hot chocolate for me, thanks!

Take a walk if weather permits. If not, get cozy as a family, enjoy a good movie, a good fireplace or play some games together.

I’ll be making cookies with the kids at some point this week and trying to get the house organized. It’s a bit tough doing all the things I’d like to do while 7.5 months pregnant and dealing with hip issues that keep me from feeling comfortable cleaning anything off the floor… good thing the kids are closer to the floor and can handle it when I insist!

I’m determined to have the time to just enjoy things. To enjoy the holiday season. To enjoy being pregnant. To enjoy my family.

I hope you do likewise.

2 replies on “The Beauty of the Season”

  1. TRICOTINE says:

    Happy Holiday season to you and your family! I hope your hip issues won’t keep you from enjoying this special time of the year.

  2. JEANNE says:

    Merry Christmas!!

    I have an award for you:

    Have a great New Year 🙂

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