Sunday Links 12-21-08

Holiday Gift Guide: Green Gifts That Don’t Cost A Cent – It’s still not too late to finish off those last few holiday gifts!

KidTip: Little hands cut up old holiday cards for tags and decor – All those cards you get in the mail are great fun for the kids.

Green the city, get healthier kids – Yes! Thank you! Have lots of green areas and kids will find reasons to go play.

Composting in winter, dry climates – You can keep things going, at least a little.

Growing Up Girl: An Eco Parents Guide to Puberty – I have a few years before my daughter faces this issue, thank goodness. It can be an interesting challenge to keep feminine products green, no doubt especially for young girls new to it.

Are You All or Nothing When It Comes to Green? – And should you be? Some people think so, but most of us do have to balance green with the reality of our lives and finances.

Planning Ahead for Next Year’s Garden – It’s certainly not too early. I told my husband to go through the seeds we already have, because he buys too many every year!

10 signs you bought too much Christmas crap – A little humor to go with your holiday.

What is Green? – Some thoughts on what it really means to be green.

Back to Basics: What Kids Actually Need for Play Fun – Forget the plastic toys! These are the toys kids have enjoyed for years and will continue to enjoy.

The Perfect Last minute gift: Courtesy of My Mom – What a sweet gift and a great lesson for the kids!

Giving birth can be good, ecstatic and even orgasmic – I’ve been discussing this with my husband. Looking forward to the show and seeing how much cooperation I can get from my OB on keeping things as natural as possible with a VBAC.

Four Ways To Give The U.S. A ‘Clean Slate’ – 4 things President Obama could do after taking office to quickly improve our energy policies.