No More Incandescent Bulbs in California?

This is quite a thought, especially since I live in California and haven’t yet convinced my husband that the compact fluorescents would save money. I find it amusing that my inlaws, who have no interest in the environmental movement have gone to compact fluorescents before he has.

Unfortunately, he’s the one who did the most recent shopping for light bulbs. Wish I’d known we needed them.

I found the article on MSN. This isn’t law yet, may not ever be, but if it happens, incandescent bulbs would be banned in California by 2012.

I always have mixed feelings about the government telling people they can only buy certain things, use certain things. On the other hand, I would like to see more energy efficient items preferred, and as I can tell from personal experience with my husband it is not easy to get people to look past the short term expense to the long term savings.

As for me, the next time we need light bulbs I’m going to make sure to get them myself. I’ll probably have a battle with my husband over that one – he always wants 100 watt bulbs and I find lower wattage quite bright enough, but I fully intend to win this one over time.


I have to admit, I find these things so frustrating from an environmental point of view. Sure enough, just as I suspected, these bulbs may be longer burning, etc., but their manufacture and waste sound worse. That’s just a part of why I so often have mixed feelings about these things.

All my reading has me really interested in when they come up with some nice LED lights for the home. I see those a lot on traffic signals now, but I know they can combine to make white light, which is supposed to be of a better color than fluorescent, and last incredibly long. I hope that part’s true, although I do get a bit discouraged as I see individual LEDs in traffic lights fail. At least then the light itself still works, though!

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