“You Need a Hybrid Like a Hole in the Head!”

Don’t give me that look. I didn’t say that. My father-in-law did when my husband and I told him that when the time came to go back to two cars we would prefer to get a hybrid.

My father-in-law is a wonderful, wonderful person in most ways. He’s helped us out tremendously financially and truly dotes on his grandchildren. But he’s also a dyed in the wool, diehard, ultra conservative Republican with a fondness for comparing environmentalists with Nazis.

Fun, huh?

I don’t talk to him about this stuff because I know he thinks it’s nonsense. But at the same time you’d think he’d get the potential economic aspects of buying a hybrid. He’s a former banker after all, and really understands things if you put them that way most of the time.

I know hybrids cost more at first. But even ignoring the environmental aspects (vital in discussions with my FIL!), there are economic aspects that are likely to improve as the technology gets better and gas prices rise.

Whenever the time comes, whether it be in a few months or even in a year or two, it should be interesting to see how he takes our purchase. He and my husband battle a lot because my husband is the kid who didn’t take the path they wanted for him (banker or teacher), majoring in theater instead and just not really interested in the kinds of jobs they want for him. But the love is definitely there, despite the battles.

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2 replies on ““You Need a Hybrid Like a Hole in the Head!””

  1. Amy says:

    Green SAHM,
    Here’s what you should do to please the FIL. If you decide to buy a Camry hybrid, tell him 1. Its made in Indiana at a Sabaru plant 2. It saves you from using foreign oil, and 3. Its just too darn cute! LOL… I’m a footloose fancy free Republican but I definitely believe in saving a buck when I can! LOL.. I hope you enjoy your new car!

  2. Stephanie says:

    After he talked to my husband on the phone the other day we started to get a better idea of where the problem is. FIL has hybrids and electric cars mixed up. He thinks you have to plug a hybrid in.

    Hopefully he’ll go read up on them like we told him to.

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