Off to a Cheap Start on Back to School Shopping!

Back to school is off to a cheap start for us this year. I didn’t buy anything for my daughter before school started because her backpack and lunch bag are still in good condition, and I didn’t know what else she would need, as the school hadn’t sent a list.

Turns out that was the exact right move.

Her teacher provided all the supplies she has to have. I really hope it all came from a school budget. The teacher does have a small wish list, and apparently this is the first year the school is allowing teachers to ask parents to help with supplies.

Compared with the lists from last year, that came as a surprise.

Of course, this means I have no say in how environmentally friendly any of my daughter’s school supplies are… aside from going ahead and getting some pencils for the class or something, that being the level of things on her 4 item wish list.

We still have plenty of supplies for at home from last year, so I’m thinking I won’t need to buy anything, at least not until later in the year.