Rats! My Cell Phone Only Lasted 4 Years!

Yes, I really am disappointed! I think 4 years is a terrible amount of time for something to last, even if many people do replace their cell phones more often than that. Goodness knows the cell phone carriers make it easy to replace phones as often as you renew a contract, so they can keep you tied in as a customer.

My cell phone lasted pretty well. It survived being dunked in a sink full of water by my son when he was 2. It was even on at the time. Amazing how fast a battery can be yanked out.

I’m not the sort who cares much about cell phone features. I only even own one because my inlaws put me on their plan as a gift because they were tired of me driving around town with small children and no cell phone. Or so they saw it. Working at home means that I really don’t do a lot of that anyhow.

So it’s time for a new one. I’m aiming for something pretty basic again. I don’t care about texting, although once in a while I’ve seen where it could have a point. I don’t need my cell phone to take pictures. Once again, I’ve seen where it can be useful but really don’t feel the need.

I really don’t need it to store a lot of information, don’t need to watch videos on it, etc. It’s just really, really not my way.

And I’m still going to grumble about it only lasting 4 years.