Organic Cotton and Bamboo Sheets

I think of these as a nice gift for a couple to get for one another, or possibly a nice wedding or housewarming gift. Sheets aren’t the perfect gift for everyone, but they can be wonderfully comfortable.

Organic cotton or bamboo sheets are great choices. You can generally find them in your area, or shop online. Amazon of course carries both organic cotton sheets and bamboo sheets.

Bamboo for sheets can really sound funny, but I’ve felt them, and just as soon as mine are too old, that’s what I want for my next set. So soft!

The advantages to these are of course in their relative impact on the environment. Organic cotton is a definite improvement over regular, and bamboo grows incredibly fast. The catch can be how the bamboo is processed into a fiber. Green Cotton’s blog has some good information on bamboo processing considerations.

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2 replies on “Organic Cotton and Bamboo Sheets”

  1. Ooohhh… what a great gift idea! I have heard that these are really soft, and would love to get some for my family.


  2. Liz says:

    When my son got his big boy bed a couple of months ago, we got him bamboo sheets. They are really nice! (I’m kind of jealous of him.) I am definitely replacing ours with bamboo as we need to.

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