Organic Means What?

The USDA is considering some interesting changes to what exactly constitutes organic. They’re talking about allowing non-organic versions of intestines for sausage casings, hops for beer, fish oil, gelatin, coloring agents, and produce coating agents. The reason for this change is that there are not organic versions of these substances available.

The changes would also allow conventionally grown hops to be used in beers labeled “USDA Organic”.

Seems to me that they are completely missing the point of labeling something organic.

Organic is more than just a marketing tool. Allowing this to go through would dilute the legal meaning of organic, just to suit some corporate interests.

There’s not much time left for commenting. This is to be decided May 22, 2007. If you care about it, add your name to the petition. They only gave a minimal, 7 day commenting period, which will be over all too soon.

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