I Love My Bread Machine!

There’s just nothing like making fresh bread at home. There’s something about knowing exactly what the ingredients are, not to mention the sheer freshness, that even the best of loaves from a grocery store can’t beat.

My current favorite wheat bread recipe I make only partially in the breadmaker. I love using the machine to mix it up, but truth be told, I hate the height of the resultant loaf. Just too tall to be easily cut. So I take the dough out and cook it as a loaf, rolls, etc., depending on what I need.

I love using the machine because I don’t often want to take the time to mix bread dough by hand. It’s hard work! And with two children, I do have better things to do with my time. I’d probably never make bread on my own without it.

One of the fun things is how much my kids love being involved in it. They love seeing the bread dough get mixed, and the love seeing it change as it rises. And of course they can eventually wash their hands and help to shape rolls.

It’s kind of interesting for me to think that my kids have almost never had plain, white bread. Sourdough on rare occasion, but for the most part I’ve kept them hooked on wheat bread. So far as I’m concerned it tastes far, far better anyhow.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes convenience foods are the way to go. But being a stay at home mom means that those times are pretty rare. I love that making foods on my own means there’s generally less packaging involved, the taste is better and I’m more sure of what my kids are eating. Far fewer food dyes, for one!

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