So Glad I Didn’t Get the Laptop Lunches Box Now

The delights of parenthood! My dear, darling daughter managed to lose her lunchbox already. This would be day 2 of kindergarten. Really makes me glad I didn’t get the Laptop Lunches box.

lunch bag

The school has a lost and found, but it hasn’t turned up there yet. The custodian said she’d keep an eye out since sometimes these just get given to the wrong teacher.

That’s the whole thing, including the containers inside her box. Plus her head band, which her grandparents had just bought on Tuesday and that really does help to keep her hair out of her face during class. But I know my daughter, and she just likes having her hair lose. She says she doesn’t look like the real Ariel with her hair pulled back. Which is funny since it’s been pulled back most days since she had enough hair to pull back.

I took her television and computer privileges, which I had previously warned her would be the consequence for losing her lunch things at school. This, of course, started because on day 1 she lost the ice pack to her lunch.

Much as I hate to, it looks like time for disposables until she’s responsible. Makes more sense than buying new constantly. But I’m going to tell her to keep her things so that she can show me that she’s not losing them. Have to have her teacher’s cooperation, I assume, but what else to do?

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4 replies on “So Glad I Didn’t Get the Laptop Lunches Box Now”

  1. Tiffany says:

    My first grader lost one yesterday. It was one of his LLs though. It was just a single bento box in a bag but it did have a wrap-n-mat in it. Grrr.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Stephanie, this is just my two cents here-but it might not have been her fault. My son was constantly “losing” his lunchbox when he was in kindergarten, and after some investigating, it turned out that after they ate their lunch and before they lined up for recess, they would all put their lunchboxes in a big laundry basket-type thing, and then someone would take that back down to the classrooms. My son’s lunchbox was always ending up in the other kindergarten room! And since no one knew who it belonged to (despite my writing his name on the inside in Sharpie), it would just sit there in the other class. Oh, and same with the ice packs-they all look the same, so the lunch aides have no idea who they belong to. If it were me, and again, this is just my two cents, I’d give her a few more weeks to get used to the whole routine and everything. There are a lot of things that kindergarteners have to suddenly learn to be responsible for!

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind me leaving this comment. Obviously I don’t know your child and you do, so I’m really not trying to tell you how to parent, I swear! I’ve just been there and done that!

  3. Stephanie says:

    No problem, Elizabeth.

    Thing is, it’s looking constant. First day the ice pack, which should have just gone back in the lunch bag. Not that big a deal, just a habit for her to work on. She got a warning for that, nothing more since it was her first day in kindergarten and I figured she wasn’t used to the routine. Second day, as I posted, the lunch bag.

    Third day was a minimum day, and the trend continues, except all she had was a snack, but she left the cup on the tables outside, where I found it.

    So for the moment, I’m just having her be responsible for her cups. I’m hoping they don’t continue to be lost, but I really hate spending the money on juice boxes, even the 100% juice ones.

    I do expect her to sometimes lose one item or another. But she coped with the bag througout preschool (admittedly rather more monitored than kindergarten), so I’d hoped she’d do better at putting things where they belong.

    I do think the school does the basket thing, and one person suggested I just keep checking lost and found, to see if one of the teachers turn it in. But what I’ve told my daughter is that once she shows she can keep track of things, she can go and pick a new box. She likes that, and I think it will turn out well in the end.

  4. Stephanie says:

    And I am delighted to say it finally turned up today. Ariel thought to go on her own initiative after lunch and check the lost and found. There it was, finally.

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