Sunday Links 11-23-08

Top Ten “Green” Thanksgiving Tips – Don’t overdo is perhaps the most important.

New Study: Kids Prefer Vegetables Over Candy – Maybe not true for all kids, but a nice reminder to talk to your kids about why vegetables are important.

Tips for Eating Green on Little ‘Green’ – Healthy, green food isn’t all expensive. It may take a little more time in the kitchen, but if you can swing that you can make some wonderful, green, healthy meals for pretty cheap.

Greenwash Of The Week: Febreze-”It’s A Breath Of Fresh Air”. – Can I say that I am not the least bit surprised? I’ve never liked the scent of artificial “air fresheners” and such. This makes me quite happy to be leaving them out of my home.

Skip the Plastic at the Grocery Store – A challenge, but a good one. Just pay attention and you can avoid a lot of plastic when you buy groceries. In my house we buy the olive oil in the big metal cans and then refill the glass jar with a funnel. Fewer containers of any sort to buy and a better price!

Keeping it Cheap and Green: Kitchen Edition – Some simple tips for keeping your kitchen a bit greener.

Outgoing Bush Takes Final Stab at Earth – The war on the environment continues. You can find a lot of stories on this if you want to get really mad at our outgoing President.

I Don’t Think Alternative Energy Means What You Think It Means: Fred Pearce to BP – They say they’re looking at alternative energy, but their definition of it isn’t what you might want it to be.

Homemade Eco Gifts You Can Make for the Holidays! – More ideas for things you can make as gifts this year. Great for families on a budget or just if you want to keep things greener.

Flow and Tell – A roundup of feminine products that are greener than the usual. My husband was a bit grossed out talking about some of these at first, but he got the idea after a little.

The Coupon Trap – Are coupons really worth it? You may be saving money but are you getting anything healthy?

10 Tips For A Non-Toxic Pregnancy – It’s just about impossible to avoid it all, but pregnancy is a great time to do what you can.

5 Simple Water Conservation Methods: Do They Save Real Money? – Some fair calculations done on some of the most basic ways to save water. Of course, it’s not all about money, especially if you’re in an area currently experiencing or likely to experience water shortages in the future.

American Food System Fertilized With Industrial Chemical Melamine – Ever feel like the bad stuff is just hard to avoid? Stories like this make me love my garden more.

When Natural Foods Aren’t Natural: Agave Nectar – Agave nectar turns out to be highly processed, not so natural a sweetener as you might hope.

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