Green Gift Ideas to Give to the Non-Green

Not everyone wants to go green, even now. That can make them harder to shop for when you’d rather keep things green. So I’ve been thinking on things that just about anyone can appreciate.

Gifts for Non-Green Adults

Reusable Bags

I know this can seem a bit odd, but I’m seeing people who would rather not be called environmentalists using these now. My inlaws, for example. They’re not remotely into the environmental movement, but recently found out about reusable shopping bags and utterly adore them.

Brita Pitcher Plus Reusable Water Bottles

Put the two together for the people who just cannot stand the thought of drinking straight tap water, and you might just help them break the bottled water habit. Brita is about to start taking back pitcher filters, so make sure to let people know! They may or may not do it, but it’s worth the try.

It may help to get a nice looking Sigg or Kleen Kanteen, so the appearance is a motivator for it to be used as well. Don’t forget to buy some for the kids in the family. My daughter adores her Kleen Kanteen.

Cast Iron Cookware

You can often find this in local antique shops. It’s great for people who love to cook. Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens are the most popular. I own a cast iron skillet that had been my grandmothers, and it’s my favorite. They really do get to be nicely nonstick with age and proper treatment.

Organic or Fair Trade Chocolate

Who could resist? If you have a Whole Foods nearby you can probably find a decent selection, but I’ve also seen Green & Black’s at other stores in my area, such as Target.

Green Skin Care

Many people love getting skin care products. Shop around a little and it’s not too hard to find some that are fairly environmentally friendly as well as kind to the skin. Who needs all those chemicals anyhow?

You can buy a preassembled gift basket or make one of your own. I tend to enjoy assembling gift baskets when I give them, so that I have total control over what goes into them. Makes it a bit more personal, too.

I’ll cover gift ideas for kids in another post. There are some really great shops out there that offer wonderful, environmentally friendly toys for children.

3 replies on “Green Gift Ideas to Give to the Non-Green”

  1. JEANNE says:

    What an awesome idea… helping people go green even when they’re not interested, lol. I might have to use some of these ideas for my Christmas shopping this year 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    I thought others might like the concept! It was one of those random thoughts I had while waiting for my son during his speech therapy. Great time for brainstorming.

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