Sunday Links – 11-30-08

Stop Making Our Kids Sick; Make Chemicals Safe – It’s amazing to me that so few chemicals have actually be checked for safety. While we wait for proper testing, think more about homemade cleansers made from things you already have around the house. Most are really good at their jobs.

Melamine in formula: Another round with the FDA – It’s really hard to not use “FDA” as a swear word anymore. Sure, there’s less than what was found in Chinese formula, but just what do you think “no known safe level” means?

US Formula Makers Say Products Are Melamine Free – Yes, they do. Do you trust their in-house testing?

How to Separate the “Green” from “Greenwashing” When You Shop – Perhaps someday greenwashing will just mean cleaning with green cleansers. But for now it’s all too common for companies to pretend to be offering green products when they really aren’t.

How to Green Your Carpet Cleaning – Carpet cleaners often have some really nasty toxins in them. This article will give you some great options. I will add that baking soda and vinegar can work too… just don’t overdo the baking soda because it takes a long time to work out!

Nature Inspires Art in San Diego – Hey, it’s my hometown! I have no idea if I’ll make it there during the show, but pretty cool anyhow.

Are in-sink garbage disposals eco-friendly? – There may not be a clear cut answer, but if you can compost, the garbage disposal shouldn’t be your default for some things.

Are Lower Gas Prices a Good Thing? – This echoes some of my own feelings on the matter. I’m determined to not drive more just because it has become more affordable again.

Five Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Dry Cleaning – I almost never buy “dry clean only” clothes, but every once in a while something comes up. I’ve been carefully washing a lot of these outfits for years with few problems.

New Bluefin Tuna Quota Levels Are A “Mockery of Science” – Say goodbye to this species if regulations don’t get better soon.

Before You Let Your Doctor Give Your Kids Drugs, Read This – I don’t like to give myself medications, but that goes double for my kids. So many of the problems we see now may be more related to diet and activity levels than any need for medication that I’d rather give other options a try for anything not life threatening.

Doubting Renewable Energy – Ever wonder what’s taking so long with renewable energy? Investors who can’t see the opportunity in front of them, for one!

3 replies on “Sunday Links – 11-30-08”

  1. Great links. I like the first one the best. Why buy expensive dangerous cleaners when you can make safe ones yourself that are far cheaper? I just don’t get it.

  2. Anna says:

    Thanks for including my article (stop making our kids sick) in your round-up. It is appalling that chemicals are just rubber stamped at the cost of not only our kids but us too.

    I like your list especially the dry cleaning one.

  3. Allison says:

    Great post. You have saved me time on my shopping!

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